Right now, many steno schools throughout North America are struggling to retain their students, which means that their methods are ineffective. Many institutions have a graduation rate that is appallingly less than 1 percent. According to an NCRA report, the highest graduation rate is 14 percent.

That means that the dropout rate is worse than that of law school, medical school, and even the Navy Seals!

Traditional steno schools have an obsolete method of teaching the skills needed to succeed in the field. Ultimately, the students experience so much turbulence that they depart from the institution. Not only does this mean the schools are failing the students, but that they are also failing the nation.

This is the challenge: Re-evaluating what has been unsuccessful in the past to create a better future. In order to ensure the continuation of the stenography profession, steno schools need to explore possibilities.

One such program has accepted the challenge—the revolutionary StenoKey pilot program. There is certainly a more effective and efficient way to teach stenography, and the StenoKey pilot program has set out to prove it.