Cyzar A.
Theory II Participant
I'm doing both StenoKey and my brick and mortar school at the same time. I'm only up to Chapter 5 in SK, but I've seen a noticeable and measurable increase in my writing. I passed a 140 Q&A today at 99% and a 140 Lit at 96.5% in one sitting. I've never passed two tests at the same time before.
I'm convinced it's because of the hyperfocus on foundational consonant blends that you work on in Chapters 1-5. Silly sentences like ``strap the star`` or ``stir the pot`` might not seem like a big deal, but it pays off when you don't hesitate on words that start in ST- or STR-
And it's also validating that the work I put into SK translates into Lit and Q&A at my target speed elsewhere. I've literally been hitting every SKPR- phrase that comes up in class every single time.
Nicole L.
Theory III Participant
Before StenoKey I was in my first steno program for three months. And even though the dictations were slower, I could barely keep up at 40wpm. I believe, for me, it’s because we rushed through 2-3 chapters a week and I didn’t have the time or repetition to really cement the new ideas. StenoKey has been far superior for me! I’m still not writing as fast as some others here, but we all have our own path.
B. Vosters
Theory II Participant
My last CR experience I did theory for nine months and by the end of it I probably couldn't even do a 60WPM diction at 97% let alone be passing 120WPM dictations after a month. Knowing what I know now, I think it’s criminal for schools to be doing it any other way than this!
T. Barnes
Theory III Participant
Thank you, Katiana, for the amazing class today! I now know more briefs that will help me get through my dictation at a faster speed. I appreciate you taking the time for us today and I am so excited for many more classes that will help us achieve our goals even quicker!
Kathy M.
Theory I Participant
I was lucky enough to be in Katiana’s live class yesterday for Chapter 10. It was truly invaluable. I can’t say enough great things about it. It really gave me a new perspective on how to practice and why those finger drills I hate are so useful.
If you haven’t been to one, you must. It’s a game changer. If you’re not in the right chapter to go to the next lesson, work and practice to get there.
I’m someone who hates live classes but last night this had me so excited that I chatted all though dinner about it.
Go. Thank me later!
H. Diaz
Theory II Participant
I was in a well-known steno school for two years before deciding to pursue another program. I completed theory as planned, but when it came to speedbuilding, I just could not get over the hump. I am 100% proud to have transferred to this pilot program. I couldn’t even get 60 WPM accurately in my previous speed program or maintain motivation to continue and here I am now at 144 WPM in a little over a month. This program is superb. 10/10. I wish it would have been my starting school. focused on individual results like it is here. 🖤 Being an online student in another program is SO difficult and different.
K. Fish
Theory II Participant
I started my CR school journey just about four years ago. Crazy to think it’s been that long, and I’m not done yet. Lots of things happened in between.
In these last four years, I have never felt this comfortable and confident when writing on my machine until recently. I’ve never briefed this much, and I’ve never used this many phrases. It’s literally game changing. I’ve also never practiced for fours in a day, until now. I used to dread it. Now I get frustrated when the kids aren’t cooperating so I can sit and practice. Lol
I’m so, so thankful for Katiana and her program and all the things she does. After having my son last year, I almost sold my machine and thought about calling it quits. I’m so glad I didn’t and that I took the leap to learn a whole new theory and start back at the bottom.
Stacy S.
Theory I Participant
I came to StenoKey because I was so stuck in a different theory program. I knew the theory and I was always diligent in my practicing, but I was STUCK! After another friend found StenoKey I looked into it and decided to sign up. I was overanxious to get started and just jumped right in. I would recommend not doing that. Just wait on Katiana's orientation and instructions. IT ALL MAKES TOTAL SENSE AND IT'S A GREAT PLAN!

I have been doing this for a little over a month now. I am over halfway through Chapter 7. There is so much information in this chapter. I watch the videos daily and I always learn something each time I re-watch the video. Last night after a good day's practice- I was studying the theory book and noticed another brief that I had not incorporated yet. So I say all this because this program WORKS!

I am new to this theory and each day I learn new stuff. I do my finger drills every morning before I start because some of these new briefs have my fingers touching on keys at the same time that I never even dreamt of. I actually wake up thinking on steno and can't wait to start my practice (even on the weekends). And yes, I do have a life outside of this, but this is so very important to me that I make it be the most important part of my days am so thankful to have found this program. And I have learned more in this short time of being a student here than my entire time of learning theory and speed building.

S. Kaur
Theory III Participant
I have often heard that a good teacher brings out the best in their students. I fully understood this when I joined StenoKey and Katiana became my instructor. I truly think that Katiana is a genius for coming up with the StenoKey curriculum. Each and every part of the program has so much though put into it. The more I think about the program, the more I realize how much we are being set up for success. I know for sure that when I graduate, I will be a successful stenographer because of StenoKey and Katiana.
There are a few things that I think make StenoKey so unique and effective. The first is that we are encouraged to build our personal dictionaries from day one. My previous program wanted us to wait until we reach a certain speed until we would even be given software and then a dictionary. A personal dictionary sets us up for success because we are allowed to define certain words our way not to mention that dictionary building is an essential skill. I feel confident writing out unknown words because I know that I can define it right away in my dictionary and that there is no wrong way to write out a word . The second thing that makes StenoKey so effective as a program, is that not only do we build our speed, we also master our theory while doing so. We are given an incredible amount of dictation for reach chapter which allows us to master each concept until (as another student once said) ``we know it in our sleep.`` This is huge because not mastering certain aspects of theory is what holds students back from performing well at higher speeds. Probably the biggest selling point for me, as a student, is that StenoKey teaches students how to analyze their weaknesses and how to improve upon them. We have to turn in our self analyzed notes once a week. Based on this analysis, we figure out what we are not briefing, phrasing, or struggling to write. We are also able to see what strokes we need to work on. StenoKey students never need to buy a drill book because we are taught how to make our own drills and finger drills based on our weaknesses. I honestly wish each and every CR student could learn this from Katiana.
Finally, I wanted to talk about the amazingness that is Katiana. Gaining Katiana as an instructor is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Katiana works hard to make this program better everyday. We are constantly getting improvements. Anything you say will be taken into consideration, no matter how small. Katiana is super helpful as an instructor and truly cares about each and every students' success. I once emailed Katiana my notes and made a comment about struggling with transitions between certain letters. Katiana emailed me back about four times to make sure I understood how to improve that problem. I cannot think of a more dedicated instructor. I am so inspired by her that I work hard each day, hoping to become an equally worthy student.
I just wanted to share my experience as a student who is almost halfway done at StenoKey. I hope my post can help anybody considering this program. I cannot recommend it enough. If you are willing to put in the work at StenoKey, you will succeed.
Besides when you join, you also get included in an amazing community of students who are dedicated to succeeding. We hold these monthly, sometimes biweekly, Zoom meetings where everyone gets to know each other and discuss how they are doing in the program.
Marissa B.
Theory II Participant
I just wanted to say this as someone who haaaates answering the phone and nevvvver initiates calls... (and yet I found myself picking up on first ring a few weeks back when Katiana happened to call me and I wasn’t expecting it!?)
I want to strongly suggest you take advantage of Katiana Walton’s call scheduler — pasting it here to make it easy.
The other week I decided to plop in some standing appointments across the next 12 weeks or so. The first one was so helpful that I was cruising on what I gained from it, and wound up not yet needing the second one I booked (we checked in in advance so as not to short-notice cancel); the third one was again so helpful - I had sent a bunch of notes over in the lead up, Katiana assessed the situation and I had my way forward out of 7 and on to 8.
Y’all, get that personal touch! She will help get you through things faster. I mean, it’s literally why we are here. Her research and experience made this amazing program that is a general formula for getting people through this faster than average, but her personal touch and knowledge tailored to you brings it next level.
We are so lucky to be here not just because of the program but because of the access to personalized coaching!
After those first two calls I now look ahead with relief at the upcoming ones — I’ve started to be candid with her about things like perfectionist paralysis, impostor syndrome, so forth, and she completely gets it and will guide you.
She has gotten to / is getting to know how I learn best and has been really tapping into it with little assignments and thought exercises that wind up giving me those “aha” moments and then things start clicking.
I definitely have shit days, especially at the beginning of a chapter, I feel like I have fallen into a pit for the first few days of it. But I also keep reminding myself I am here to mess up and to be uncomfortable a million times over if it’s truly my goal to get through this. I think a common source of discomfort is sending notes over 🙃😂
And, I too am trying to get better at it, I should recognize by now that it’s only helping me to do so, consistently. But forreal, send your notes! It’s not for judgment it’s for a sharp and experienced set of eyes to spot exactly what you should focus on, and, the more you send the more she can pick up on patterns enough to tell how you’re doing and what you need to focus drills on the most / or maybe just that you’re totally solid on this chapter’s concept and target speed let’s call this one done and move along to the next chapter.
Oh and you know what else the calls do? They squash that little voice in my head that says stuff like “I’m screwing up” or “Katiana probably thinks I’m a flake” and so forth. They’ve practically murdered that voice. So quickly. And that def helps me focus more and feel less stress in general.