In the United States and Canada there is an ongoing problem within the field of stenography. The problem? There is a shortage of professional stenographers due to the alarming dropout rate from steno schools.

Why is this an issue? Without qualified stenographers, court rooms and services for disabled individuals will be negatively impacted. Stenography may not be a hot topic these days, but it is essential. Professional stenographers are utilized by the justice system for creating a record of the spoken word in courts; they are also used for closed captioning and other roles. The implications of too few stenographers could close many doors throughout society.

Fortunately, these consequences can be avoided—if stenography schools can adjust their instructional methods.


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Magnum Steno Theory
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The StenoKey pilot program is a departure from the norm, a shift from the traditional methodology. StenoKey curriculum utilizes the Magnum Steno theory to create optimum performance outcomes. Students are assessed based on speed and accuracy after completing lessons. Every section of the course has been sequenced to allow for continuous progression. Furthermore, the sequence acts as a road map towards every individual’s success—the desired achievement of 225 words per minute (WPM).

The program is rigorous and challenging, but the coursework helps students feel a sense of accomplishment with every dictation completed. There is a standard of excellence in the world of stenography, which participants discover in the course itinerary; and they are held to that standard with the grading rubric and course syllabus. Every day, participants will progress a little further as they define, identify, apply, analyze, evaluate, and assimilate concepts from the Magnum Steno Theory.

This curriculum gets you writing 225 WPM faster than any other stenography school.

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