Ready to start at StenoKey?

Be prepared!

Magnum Steno Beginning Theory textbook
Stenotype Machine with wide -DZ and double wide *
Cable that connects stenotype to computer
CAT software
PDF annotation software (a free software will suffice)
Three-ring binder (one inch)
Metronome app (desktop or mobile)
Timer (Complex Timer on Android)

Learn everything you can about “deliberate” practice.

Start doing finger drills immediately. The better you know the machine the faster it will be to master the concepts.

CAT Software

These are the things you must learn how to do on your CAT software. Every CAT software has a robust help section. Many of them even include video lessons or they can be found on YouTube.

  • Add, delete, modify dictionary entries
  • Connect machine to realtime
  • Print steno notes to PDF
  • Print transcript as a PDF