The Key Concept

100% research-backed curriculum design and instructional methods to help you reach 225 in less time than the old-fashion route. StenoKey is the only program of its kind and will change how stenography is taught around the world for decades to come. Be part of history by enrolling in this training program.

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The Key Differences

StenoKey is superior to any traditional steno program out there.



StenoKey utilizes the core of the Magnum Steno theory, the world’s leading system for new stenographers, while offering modifications so that each user can write a steno outline for a word or phrase without hesitating.



The lessons at StenoKey are comprehensive. All learning styles will be engaged with each practice session including visuals, videos, verbal, and logical exercises to build a deeper understanding and personalize the learning process.



The Daily Agenda at StenoKey is the ultimate roadmap to steno success. When you log in, the day's assignment is displayed with directions. Learners will never wonder what or how to study and practice. Each assignment on the agenda has been systematically designated in that order to garner the benefits of spaced repetition by building off neighboring assignments.



Drills are fundamental to developing technical skills. To increase your speed and accuracy, you will be assigned targeted drills to acquire the dexterity required to write faster and absorb concepts with ease.

The Key Features


The training methods make it easier to learn the theory so you can build speed faster than in traditional brick-and-mortar or online steno programs.


Our focus is on the steno machine. We will get you from 0 to 225 faster than traditional programs because we do not burden you with subjects that will cut into your speedbuilding practice time.


All of the learning material and dictation files are presented in a logical progression to increase comprehension and retention of theory concepts, briefs, right-hand phrase-enders, and phrases.


Log in anytime. The daily agenda is separated by tasks and each is planned to the minute. You can do many tasks in one sitting or just one task at a time.

The Key to Your Future

The Key to Speed

At StenoKey we know the key to unlocking fast steno speeds is through the mastery of a short-writing theory. Unlike traditional methods, our learners devote the time to master each chapter until they reach the assigned exit speed.

Starting on Day 1 learners will work on their speed. Other programs make their students wait three months to up to a year before they work on speedbuilding. Our approach is exactly the opposite.

Each agenda has a task to be completed. A task is considered completed after a certain amount of time or once a passing score has been accomplished. Depending on the number of lessons a learner decides to takes once completing theory, the total program can be completed in 45 to 100 weeks. If you achieve passing scores faster, you move on faster. Even if you take longer, StenoKey is still faster than other programs on the market. 

The Key Chapters

At StenoKey students only focus on what is absolutely required to reach speeds in order to pass any certification speed test or employment speed test. Our students are not burdened with academics or inconsequential conflicts in their writing. This is the most practical and easy way to reach the exit speeds of 180 to 225.


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Our goal is to get you from 0 to 225 as quickly as possible with salable realtime accuracy. Contact Katiana directly if you have questions on how you can be a StenoKey success story.

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Curriculum Creator and Founder

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