The Key Courses

Here are several of the courses you will take as a StenoKey participant. Everyone will start with Theory I. If you are transferring, you will progress through the chapters fast if you already know the material. The time frames given are for participants practicing four to six hours a day, six days a week. All courses are included in the flat-fee tuition.

Theory I

Chapters 1-10 at 120 WPM
Two-minute dictation files
Single key letters, all vowel sounds, basic phrases
4 to 8 weeks

Theory II

Chapters 11-20 at 140 WPM
Three-minute dictation files.
Combination letters, common prefixes and suffixes, numbers
6 to 12 weeks

Theory III

Ch 21-30 at 160 WPM
Four-minute dictation files
Advance number concepts, real-life lit incorporating previously taught concepts.
5 to 10 weeks

Theory IV

Ch 31-40 at 180 WPM
Five-minute dictation files
Short writing techniques
6 to 12 weeks

Theory V

Chapters 41-44 at 200 WPM
Six-minute dictation files
Short writing techniques
3 to 6 weeks


Speeds of 200-280
Six-minute dictation files
Those who are on captioning track will learn the preferred captioning format for writing multiple speakers.
8 to 16 weeks


Grammar rules are learned in each chapter of theory. The theory dictation will provide plenty of practice to exercise those rules.

Jury Charge

Those seeking to be professional CART providers or closed captions providers may elect to skip this section.
4 to 8 weeks

Specialized Terminology

Highly recommended for those seeking to be real-time providers.
Includes medical terminology
8 to 16 weeks