Quick Facts

AGE 20s
FUN FACT Speaks English as a second language


Seidi transferred to StenoKey from a local community college when she was writing at 100 words per minute. She felt that she needed a more structured program that taught short writing, which led her to StenoKey. Seidi dedicated herself to the program, and after 19 months of full-time participation, she passed her Registered Skilled Reporter (RSR) exam and one leg of the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) exam just five months after completing Chapter 39 at StenoKey.

Seidi has followed the StenoKey curriculum since day one, starting in Chapter 1 like everyone else. Even though she began her journey during the height of the pandemic, Seidi was able to make the necessary life adjustments and still achieve success. Her dedication and hard work are truly inspiring.

While in the program, Seidi practiced an average of 12 hours and 15 minutes per week, which translates to approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes per day. Her month with the most practice total 108 hours and 54 minutes, which translates to approximately 3 hour and 30 minutes per day!

Today, Seidi is a working reporter in the state of Washington, proving that hard work and dedication do indeed pay off. You can learn more about Seidi’s journey on the Lady Steno podcast.