Progress as swiftly or as slowly as you like. With enough practice, anyone can become a professional stenographer. Because stenotype machines have a mere 22 keys, you will also work to gain dexterity, enabling you to maintain speed while you hit multiple keys at once.

Stenography is a departure from the normal 9-5, a key that unlocks the door to all kinds of destinations. If that sounds like the kind of freedom you want, then you should enroll in a steno program.
The role of a stenographer is fast-paced and sophisticated, so intrepid souls will enjoy this line of work.
During the course of your journey, you will have a copilot with you to keep you on the right trajectory. Whenever you have questions or concerns, direct them to the instructor.

Are you ready to put your future on autopilot with a career path that you love? Stenographers are needed in a broad range of locations, such as court reporting, TV captioning, speech-to-text reporting, legal and medical transcribing, and much more. With stenography, you can navigate through the future, knowing that your skills are always going to be needed in multiple industries. Where will a career in stenography take you? Why not find out?

If you are ready for a swift ascent into an occupation that takes you to new heights, get in touch to learn more about the program.